Meet The Founder

Alverta Newbill is a Licensed Esthetician who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for over 20 years. Currently, working toward an Advanced Nursing degree in Family Practice, Alverta continues to grow in her knowledge to help her clients look and feel their best from the inside out.

Alverta’s passion for skin lead her to start her own skincare practice in Aberdeen, MD–Treatment Room Esthetics (DBA). Established in 2019, Treatment Room Esthetics is a space that allows her to explore her passion for treating skin while helping clients feel more confident and comfortable in theirs! Knowing that everyone’s skincare needs are different, Alverta’s focus is on customized corrective skincare treatments. It’s through these individualized solutions that Alverta is able to care for clients and treat a range of skin conditions.

Why Choose Us?


Our healthcare experiences enable us to provide you with the unmatched skincare treatments and professional service you deserve.


We have an authentic passion for skincare and work diligently to provide you with personalized solutions that fit your needs.


Understanding that your skin deserves the best treatment possible, we use professional products and ingredients in all of our treatments.
*The health and wellness of our staff and clients is our number one priority. At Treatment Room Esthetics we’re doing our part to comply with optimum health and safety standards to prevent the spread of harmful germs and viruses such as COVID-19.